Tanjore Painting Dollar Krishna

Tanjore Painting Dollar Krishna

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Tanjore paintings from Designer U are known for its richness, color and compact Composition. Paintings are adorned with rich semi precious stones, AD stones and gold that add a special look to make this art unique and stand out .In this Dollar Krishna painting the important feature is usage of real 24 carat gold foil which never fades.

Paintings come in  finishes like classic, embossed. Dollar Krishna has the unique feature of this Tanjore Painting is its 3-D property.  That is, the painting has areas that are elevated  from the surface. 3D Tanjore Paintings / Super Emboss Paintings are embossed paintings which will give realistic views  like the view in temple.  Tanjore Paintings are believed to bring auspicious to the home and preserved as valuable antiques.

Care has to be taken while evaluating the authenticity of the gold foil on Dollar Krishna painting. Comes with Chettinadu frame

Tanjore Art:

We are offering special  3D Tanjore paintings done with lot of care, efficient workman skills, using ORIGINAL 24 carat gold foil which will have the luxurious sheen to it through out.

Themes of Tanjore paintings are mainly Hindu god and goddesses . The paintings are made on wood and cloth made canvas. A lot of embossed work will be done to raise the figures as statues in the temple to get the 3D effect. Enjoy  Tanjore paintings from Designer U

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