Tanjore Painting MaaDevi

Tanjore Painting MaaDevi

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Tanjore art works from Designer-U provides richness, color and compact composition. They are embedded with gold, rich semi precious stones and swarovski stones. These Tanjore art works are unique, as traditional symbols of Indian art.

This Maa Devi painting has the unique embossed feature of 3D property.  That is, the painting has areas that are elevated  from the surface in 3D form, which affords a virtual view of spectacular stone carvings in temples.The jewelery for the subject and the mandap around are embossed with clay and  24 carat gold foil is attached as top layer. 

Always look for the best quality of the gold foil. This Maa Devi painting is made with genuine 24 carat Gold foil. Comes with seasoned teak-wood frame. Tanjore Paintings are believed to be auspicious and are preserved as valuable antiques.


Tanjore Art:

Tanjore Paintings come in  finishes like classic and embossed. While Classic Tanjores looks flat, 3D Tanjore Paintings looks embossed which affords a virtual view of spectacular stone carvings in temples. The themes used for Tanjore art works are mainly themes of Hindu gods and goddesses. It is a traditional Indian art form. Designer-U brings the statues in the temple to life, through Tanjore paintings, with 3D effect by embossed work. Our 3D Tanjore paintings are special and lively, made with skill, care and quality material. They last for a lifetime, without loosing sheen.  Enjoy the Tanjore art from Designer U.

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